Coat Free Stud Dogs
To date these studs have Not produced Coats
This is NO GUARANTEE that they will not unless DNA tested
To Order the DNA test for Long Coats Click
here VetDNA
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as of December 2013, only DNA tested dogs will be listed

Acara's Cold Climate
Achtung Erynbrook Orion aka DANNY
Adelgard's Yancy D von Marquin HT,PT,RE,CD,TC,CGC,BH DNA Tested
Aftica's Heavy Artillery v WWK, OFA
Aftica's Sharp Shooter v WWK
Alkarah's Bossa Nova
Almanya's Jett James, T.C.
Appleridge's Texas Tornado
Asgard Icon
Asgard Harley Davidson v Plamark T.C., HT,HIC DNA Tested
V-Bobby vom stillen Rain, SchH1, KKL1, AX, AXJ, CD, HIT, FN, AX-P, AXJ-P, "a" fast normal
Breauhausen's Titanic
Ca-She Tebenobe Scarab Chablis Radioactive - DNA tested clear
Cade of Fran-Jo
Campaigner's-Lindel Time Traveler, OFA, TC, HIT,CGC DNA tested coat free
Caraland Survival's Magellan
Caretti'sArchangel OFA H&E DNA Tested
Cheradon Achtung Erynbrook Molokai
Cheradon Achtung Erynbrook Orion
Cherpa's Exxon of Lealynn coat free by DNA
Convi Ruklakar's Cain Cade
Covy Tucker Hill's Fireworks of Showboat - DNA tested coat free, DM clear
Crosstimber's Carogh Clihu
Crystaridge's Grand Odyssey
Danka's Dream Catcher v Stoyland aka CHASE
Darby-Dan's Key To the Cure OFA H/E/C TC CHIC
Deb Mars Antonio
Destino's Exact Copy
Domara's Caromello
Dream Come True-Rivendell's Fandango,
Dreamweaver's Pabst Blue Ribbon - DNA
EJM N' Eko Lan's Flash
Elite Design's Real Steel of Wolf Creek
Encore-Asgard's O'Connor DNA Tested
Falkrigia's Rastus B DragonFire H.T., R.N.
Foxtrot's Wunderbar of Delray OFA DNA Tested
Galiano's Woodside Dhominator
Garter's E-Male Fran- Jo Ann Isle
Garth vom Hinter Berg Hof SchH3 OA OAJ OFA H/E
Geran's Dr Feel Good
Geran's I Walk The Line
Geyer's Stun Gun
Geyer's Yada Yada Yada
Great Expectations of Edan
Greatest Show on Earth of Edan
Guardians High Roller
Hadori's Secret Agent 007 v Forest Knoll CGC OFA/OVC H&E
Haney-Ray J's Tonites The Nite
Helios von Hirsman DNA Tested
Heritage-Windy Acres' CEO + black factor
Hickoryhill's Porterhouse v babheim
Jaccar-Rivendell's Brando
Jake of Fran-Jo Anne Isle
Jerick's Commander In Chief V Melana DNA Tested
Joelle's Diamond Da Vinci
Kaleef's It's All About Me
Karizma's Born In The U.S.A. aka BUSTER + black factor
Karizma's Fab4-George Von Loar Kaleef
Kenlyn's Vindicator V TR
Kennelwood's Man U Man (DNA tested clear)
Ketlyn's Written in Stone
Kingford Chile Of Kimber
Kridler's Quno V. Rowley
Langenau's Sumo Of Stoneway. + black factor
Laslar's League of His Own of Somerset Rose,DNA tested, DM clear
Liebchen's Do The Hustle
Lindenhill's Luge OFA H/E
Mar Haven's And The Beat Goes On aka BONO + black factor
Mar Haven's Last Cowboy Song
MarHaven's Bold Ruler DNA black factor
Marhaven's Elite Guard aka ELI +black factor
Marko's Witz of JanMar, OFA
Marquis Stealing The Show
Melana's Murphy's Law DNA Tested
Midnight Sun's Hugo Boss
Midnight Sun's Tommy Bahama
Nike Clayfield Casanova, HT, PT, HCT, JHD, CGC, TC
Nikiree's Summer Premiere TC, Can TEC, OFA, DNA
Nordlicht Southern Gentleman aka BUCK
Pete of Fran-Jo - Straws available
Peters' Elite Name Your Poise 'N DNA Tested
Ponca Hill's Jackie Chan
Ponca Hill's Snake CGC
Ponca Hill-Tantara's Land Rover
Ponca Hill Tantara's Nevada DNA tested
Ponca Hill Tantara's Southern Cross
Putz vom Haus Merkel SchH3, Kkl 1a 
Richterslusts Jeb B.
Regency's BB Cody V Kridler
Ritarra's The Sky's The Limit
Rockannand's The Tango
Sammy von Dracenberg
Sanhedrin's Dark Passage OFA H/E CGC TDI TT DNA
Saterhaus BadBoy of Nordlicht, R.N., HIC, T.C.
Saterhaus TJ of Nordlicht
Sater-Nordlicht Easy Goer DNA Tested
Schatten's Total Rebound DNA tested
ShadowValley's Teddy Bear
Sharobi's Night Train ( is black )
Scher-Lo's Jr. Executive
Sher-Lo's Midnight Gambler aka SHADOW + black factor
Sierra's Midnight Sun v. Sogne Fjord DNA Tested
Signature's Harry Nile V Kridler ( DNA tested clear)
Sirius Park's Worth The Trip
Sturdevant's Second Wind + black factor
Sunfarm Black Mask Cantar
Survival Covy Tucker Hill Halago DNA tested
Survival Covy Tucker Hill El Secreto DNA tested
T.W.E.C.'S Ben There Done That
Talimar's Top Shelf H.T., T.C.
Tanavega's Star Wars RN HIC OFA.  DNA Tested
Tara Airway Carly's Legend
Tebe Nobe Desi Arnaz
Tindrock-Kaleef About Thyme H.S., ROM.
Totana Piper Hill's Valmoran D Zoni
Totana Piper Hill's Wild Bill Hickok
Trafalgar's Nightquest Kismet
Tripphill's High Finance
Von Charisma's Optical Illusion
Waiko Vom Schaumbergerland, SchH3, KKl1, Neg/Neg for DM
Wayside's Brando OFA
Wayside's Shud Of Bin A Cowboy OFA
Welove Du Chien's Captain America OFA DNA
WeLove Du Chein's Nathan
Whispawillow's Dream Chaser
Windfall's Year of the Gentleman - DNA Tested
Wolfcreek's Phoenix of Merivern - DNA tested
Woodside's KH West Jet
Woodside's Khemosabi + black factor
Woodside's The Bounty Hunter
Woodside's Wyatt Earp OFA H&E DM Clear DNA Coat Free
Yankee of Fran Jo Anne Isle

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