Whereas Frank A. and Barbara W. Lopez of Totana Piper Hill Kennels, hereinafter called
“Seller” are the owners of a German Shepherd further described as:

Name of Dog
AKC Reg. No. (if available) _____________________
Registration No. of  Sire_______________________ 
Registration No. of Dam__________________________
and further described as: Pet_____Showable_____Show_____ quality as defined below:
and Whereas___________________________________________, hereinafter called
“Buyer” is desirous of purchasing the animal described above for the sum of
$______________, conveys this animal under the following warranties and conditions and no other warranties or conditions either expressed or implied.

1. That the above-described animal is a purebred German Shepherd dog and that AKC registration papers  will be given to the buyer either on the date of purchase or as soon as received from the AKC.

2.   That the above-described animal  has been examined by a licensed veterinarian and has been found to be  in good health and any exception to this condition is noted herein:
________________________               ___________________________

3. That the above-described animal may be returned to the Seller (prepaid if shipped) within 24 hours.   Buyer shall assume full responsibility for the health, anatomical make-up, appearance and temperament of the above-described animal during said 24 hour period.  If the condition of the animal has changed in any of the categories mentioned in the previous sentence, the Seller is relieved of obligation to return the full amount of the purchase price, otherwise the full purchase price will be refunded.

4. That the Buyer as the new owner of the above described animal assumes full
responsibility for any expenses incurred after purchase including the buyer’s initial and subsequent veterinary examinations and treatments of the animal unless such expenses are pre-approved by the seller in writing.

 5. That in the event the animal is found to possess a condition that is proven to be genetic in nature up until one year of age, the seller agrees to replace to the buyer an animal of equal quality.   The buyerunderstands that the seller has taken
precautions to produce a healthy and sound animal, but that some  genetic conditions in dogs cannot be determined under 1 year of age.  Therefore buyer agrees to the  replacement condition and waives any implied warranty that the dog described above is free of such genetic condition at time of sale and up until one year of age.  The seller reserves the right to have the  animal inspected for such genetic condition by a veterinarian of their choice. 

6. That in the event the above-described animal must be replaced with another, the disposition of the animal shall be the responsibility of the Buyer unless the seller options for the return of the animal.  In either event, the AKC registration and any transfer (if required) papers will be properly signed over and returned to the Seller before a replacement will be given.

7.   This writing constitutes the full agreement of the parties. Any interpretations and disputes arising from this contract as to its terms and conditions will be determined and resolved under the laws of the State of Connecticut. 

8. This contract is integrated as set forth in paragraph 7 and additions thereto.  No other modifications, oral or in writing, may be made unless signed by both parties in the format as to the original agreement. The intent of this contract is to replace and subsume the Uniform Commercial Code or any other laws, rules, regulations, restrictions, and/or covenants of the State of Connecticut, under which the sale is made, and the parties agree that the terms as set forth hereinabove are the only terms under which this sale is made.  The considerations for this waiver are the terms and conditions as set forth above.

9. In the event that a disagreement or enforcement of this agreement is necessary, it shall be placed before an arbitrator or party of arbitrators, such as the American Arbitration Association or other arbitration associations as set up and agreed between the parties.  Upon a decision, the parties agree to be bound by the decision of that arbitration, and the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable costs including but not limited to attorney fees necessary to enforce the agreement.

10. No other obligations, restrictions, covenants, agreements, laws or intent of any other party shall be construed or considered under the terms of this agreement , and this agreement shall be the final contract entered into between the parties.

11. The parties by their signatures below signify that they have read and understand the terms herein, and agree to be bound by them, for themselves, themselves alone, and by their signatures indicate that they have read and understand this contract.

12. This writing constitutes the full agreement of the parties.  Any further guarantees must be in writing in the spaces provided below.

 Agreed to this date:__________________

I have read the above contract and agree to its terms.
Seller:___________________________  Buyer:    ___________________________
Address:                                                     Address:

Pet:  A companion animal that embodies the basic standard of the breed and is sold with 
        no warranty that the dog will be show quality or breeding stock.
Showable:  A puppy or adult that is genetically free of all disqualifying faults and 
        embodies the basic standard of the breed.  This dog is not guaranteed to win in 
        the show ring, however is understood that, with proper care and training on the part 
        of the buyer,   in due time the dog should be expected to win in the conformation ring.
Show:  An animal that has been exhibited and attained a class placing at an AKC or SV 
        conformation show.  (see breeders code for more details)


Frank Lopez is an Attorney and GSD Breeder who wrote and shares this contract to guide GSDCA members 


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