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Clyde's Lesson

By Richard C. Kurz


         My friend, Clyde, left me the following doggerel verse after reading
all of the spirited discussion of German versus American lines.


My name is "Clyde". .. I'm a dog, you see.
One of a litter of eight.
The girls were sold and that left just me.
My master thinks that I'm great.

I'm not inbred. .. I'm bred in some line.
Champions, both Mom and Dad.
My gait is true; my pedigree fine.
I'm standard down to my pad.

How did he do it? .. Is he that smart?
The credit for him is so grand.
I run and I pose. .. I do my part
"I" win but they shake "his" hand.

Look here, you people! .. My genes are mine!
Oh sure! .. You think you're bosses.
But dogs all know, both inbred and line,
Humans are all outcrosses.




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