The Kuz Korner

Amusing Articles 

By Richard C. Kurz

I thought you might be interested in some of the letters I
have received recently. The dog show can be mystifying to say
the least, so it's little wonder that even seasoned exhibitors
become confused sometimes. 


 Q.    "I have noticed that may handler has knots tied into his
show lead. What does this mean?"                                

     E. Q., Tulsa

A.    It means that the lead has been broken several times. Next time give him a little extra tip. ... Tell him to go out and get some decent leads.

 Q.    "Why do they always move the dogs in a counter-clockwise direction in the show ring, with the
handlers to the animal's right?"                                

  G. R., Ontario

A.    You can tell that you're from the Northern Hemisphere G.
R. ... The answer is "gravity"! In South America the exhibitors stand in the center of the ring, while the judge races around them in a clock-wise fashion.

 Q.   "I bred my beautiful bitch to a fully certified,  highly
touted stud dog. She recently gave birth to one male puppy and to six x-rays. ... Should I ask for my money back?"             

  Z. M., Reno

A.    This is happening more and more lately. ... Don't  panic.
... Are the x-rays any good? ... In today's market they may be
worth more than the puppy anyway.

 Q.    "All of my Shepherds have large white spots on them. How can I breed this out?"  

  J. Y., Detroit

A.    Only white shepherds have white on them. Your Shepherds
have "cream" spots. ... Learn the terminology, sweetheart.

 Q.    "The people at ringside say that I am  "kennel-blind".
What do they mean?"

  A. C. Baltimore

A.     It depends upon the circumstances. ... If you have been
winning consistently, they're jealous. ... If you have been losing, they mean your not breeding to their stud dogs.  ...  If
you haven't been showing at all, you're probably not "kennel-blind".

 Q.    "The judge at our last show told me that my dog lost
because of the "dip in the back". What can I  do about that?"   
  M. M., Miami

A.    This is really no way for a judge to talk. ... Just to be
on the safe side, hire a different handler next time. ... One
that runs in front of the dog.


      That's all for now, doggie people. ... Glad to have been
of service. If you have any questions, look me up at ringside. 

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