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Permission to UZI granted by Joan Fox

By Richard C. Kurz

The other day I was driving along listening to my radio when up popped a famous "rapper". I listened carefully to his entire "song". I think I managed to understand a few of the phrases. .. I remember saying to myself, "Heck! ..
There is a whole crowd out there who apparently comprehends every word of this stuff. .. I wonder if those same folks understand anything at all that I say."

Later at home, I began musing about the size of this young, "in" generation. .. "What buying power they have! .. Those rappers earn millions. .. Are any of these youngsters interested in purebred dogs and dog shows? .. Surely they must be! .. How in the world can we keep their interest long enough to get our messages across? .. Certainly they don't appear to have the inclination or the
attention span to study pedigrees, standards, show results, and things like that."

I remembered seeing more and more Internet traffic concerning recently whelped litters, so I decided to post a model advertisement announcing the
availability of a fictitious but carefully planned litter of puppies in terms that might be widely understood within this newly afluent group. .. You can use this if you want to reach these up-and-coming, "with-it" exhibitors. ..
They are our future you know. .. It's entitled. "YO! .. A Tribute to the late Dr. Spock and to the NEA."
   Yo! .. Ya know what I'm sayin'?

   Woof! .. Scratch! Scratch! Scratch!
   Woof! .. Scratch! Scratch! Scratch !

   Like .. Ahhh ..

   Meanin' to clue y'all
    Mean to be announcin'
   Pedigrees was matched
   De crib been a'bouncin'

   Six pups popped
   Bitch name be "Floozie"
   Word in da hood
   She been kickin' it wif "Uzi".
   Woof! .. Scratch! .. Scratch! .. Scratch!

   So ease on over
   Slide down da track
   Pappa double victor an'
   Momma got back.

   Woof! .. Scratch! Scratch! Scratch   
   Woof! .. Scratch! Scratch! ..

   Chill! .. Know what I'm sayin'? .. Bring money!
You language specialists out there will have to bear with me on this one. I can never seem to remember whether it's, "De crib" or, "Da crib". .. I think it's a generational thing. .. I also have problems spelling "Da". The first
thing that pops into my head is always "Duh!" but I know that's wrong. .. It is, isn't it? .. I mean .. like .. wrong? .. Know what I'm sayin'? .. Well, duh! .. Oh! .. Whatever!


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