Etiquette is how you should behave in the real world; netiquette is how you  should behave in the virtual one.  The following aren't rules, but they'll help make everyone in the electronic universe just a little bit happier. 

These are guidelines used by many lists and are not list rules. They are ways of being polite on the Internet and on email lists

Here are some guidelines: 

    * If you use your "reply" key, our  list now have responses automatically redirected back TO THE LIST, not to the individual who posted the  question or comment to which you are responding. So if you wish to respond  privately, you should type in the person's individual address now, rather  than using your "reply" function.  Reply all sends two copies to the original poster!

    * But be VERY CAREFUL not to inadvertently send personal messages intended for a single individual to the whole list. And NEVER send a private post to the entire list. Sending any private message - be it from a lister or an admin will get you set NOPOST

* Try to use informative and relevant subject lines in your posts.  If your reply to a thread changes the subject, you must change the subject line. 

* If you are replying to a previous post, don't include the full text of the  original letter.  Include only pertinent information, or summarize.  On the  other extreme, please don't reply to a previous post without *at least* briefly summarizing the original question or discussion. Use the edit function from the top line of your mailer to cut and edit the response.  DO NOT SEND THE ENTIRE POST BACK TO THE LIST. Avoid simple one liners of I agree. Thanks for saying that etc. REMOVE AT the MINIMUM the copyright at the bottom.  And Either use the edit, cut function at top of your mailer, or highlight and delete. 

* Think carefully about what you are posting, since you never know who might be reading your public posting.  Negative comments about anyone (e.g., judges) mentioned by name should not be posted publicly.  Recall the AKC does not approve of critical comments directed at their judges.  Anyone who is publicly criticized might be reading or a friend of the person might be reading and could relay your comments to this person.  Depending on the circumstances, public criticism of a person could potentially cause anything from a nasty response from other members to a libel suit.  Do you really want to be a test case for an electronic-print law suit? 

* Using ALL CAPS is considered rude and shouting. Please do not use All caps.

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