The following are posts, either by subject or by content, which are prohibited on Showgsd-l. Violation of this prohibition will subject the poster to administrative action. At the discretion of the Showgsd-l management, the action taken for violation of these rules may be a warning, restriction on posting privileges, suspension or removal:

    Forwarding, reproduction or use in any manner of any material which appears on Showgsd-l without the express permission of all parties to the post and the List management is expressly forbidden. This can result in removal from the list.
    The forwarding of a private post to the list can result in lost of priviledges

    Personal attacks, hostile, accusatory posts, in word or in tone, are not allowed.
    Posts concerning politics or religion. These subjects are universally prohibited from email lists.
    Posts which contain obscene or sexually explicit material, or which poke fun at gender, religious, ethnic or sexually-oriented groups.
    German vs. American promotion
    Off topic posts. This List is specifically geared to the furtherance and promotion of the AKC/CKC/GSDCA/GSDCC style of conformation showing and breeding of German Shepherd Dogs. Anything which is not somehow related to this topic is considered "off-topic"
    Advertising. Any post which is made in furtherance of a product, object or service for sale, or for the personal benefit of any List member or group of List members (other than posts having a charitable or rescue purpose), is not allowed.
    Handlers May not brag about their wins unless they own or have bred the dog.
    Website updates - you may include in your signature "website updated mm/dd/yy" with the appropriate date filled in. Other than as set forth here, posts regarding updates to your web site are not permitted.
    Signatures - All posts should be signed with your name. Signatures may not exceed three lines in length, and the content of the signatures must be otherwise compliant with these rules. They may not contain advertising, religious or political material, German v. American promotion, etc.
    Promotion of GSDs with disqualifying faults
    "Me too" posts - these are posts which merely say "I agree", or "You are right", or "I feel the same way", without additional content. These add nothing to the threads, but contribute greatly to the volume of posts, causing subscribers' mailboxes to fill up quickly and overflow. Feel free to send your supportive "me too" directly and privately to the poster if you want them to know you agree.
    Posts which are directed at 5 people or less. These add greatly to post volume, causing subscribers mailboxes to fill up quickly and overflow. Please send these posts privately, not to the List.
    Welcomes, congratulations, condolences. These are private matters, and should be sent privately, not to the List. They add greatly to post volume, causing subscribers mailboxes to fill up quickly and overflow.
    Administrative matters and complaints. Send these privately to the administrators at

    Announcements of intended or upcoming show entries for members dogs is prohibited.
    No crossposts. Do not send posts to Showgsd-l and other mailing lists in the same email, and do not send to Showgsd-l in any form material from on other lists, without the express permission of the Showgsd management. An exception exists with respect to crossposts involving Rescue or matters of extremely urgent nature.

    Do not post for anyone else - especially nonlist members or people on modpost. Please allow the dog's owner to do their own brags or Rainbow Bridge annoucements.

    The purpose of these rules is not to be restrictive, but to provide through Showgsd-l a resource that works for all subscribers. Please understand that they are intended to be considerate of all subscribers.

    NOTE: This list does not allow attachments. This keeps us on the white list and prevents the spread of viruses and trojans. Certain ISPS forward as attachments. Please cut and paste rather than forward.

List Mangers handle disputes in private

It is not only not necessary for listers to ask other listers to stop a subject, IT IS AGAINST THE RULES for them to do so. This is the job of the admins and they will do it, privately. The fact that such admin. action does not appear on the List doesn't mean that it does not occur. The List administration contacts violators privately and deals with them privately to avoid further disruption to the List. Any Lister who sends a post to the List demanding that a subject be stopped is in gross violation of List guidelines. If you do not like a subject, use your delete key and privately email the Admins about your feelings.

Showgsd-l is dedicated to Breed Rescue, Education, and Communication
Showgsd-l is owned and operated by GSD COMMUNICATION, INC
a non-profit corporation

Links to GSDCA and GSDCC and their Membership applications are Provided

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This List is specifically geared to the furtherance and promotion of the AKC/CKC/GSDCA/GSDCC style of conformation showing and breeding of German Shepherd Dogs. No disruption of that goal will be tolerated. Free and open discussion within that context is encouraged and desired. The List management will take action where appropriate to prevent sabotage of the goals and/or existence of the List by hostile organizations or individuals, or by conduct which endangers the normal functioning of the List.

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