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PLEASE NOTE: The Showgsd-l management does not do any verification, screening or impose any requirements for litters/breeders to qualify to be posted on this site, other than that they were bred by and/or belong to members of Showgsd-l. Therefore, Showgsd-l and GSD Communication, Inc. do hereby disclaim all responsibility for the content and accuracy of the material posted here. The listing of litters on this page should not be construed as a representation of any kind as to the quality, health or soundness of any of the dogs described, nor as an endorsement. Interested parties and prospective purchasers are on notice to independently satisfy themselves as to the quality, health and soundness of all dogs represented here and their suitability for the purposes for which they are being considered, and not to rely on this posting as evidence of quality, health or soundness.

By continuing to read the material posted here, the reader specifically acknowledges that the above is acknowledged and understood by the user, and that the user specifically agrees to be bound hereby, and does hereby release Showgsd-l and GSD Communication, Inc. from any and claims for any matters related to any animals referenced.

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