Judge - Helen Franklin

  5 points Dogs     4 points Bitches

They say if you live long enough you'll see most everything. Well, I guess I have because I saw something I had never seen before, a show, and a major at that (5 points bitches, 4 points dogs) with out a single "filler!" Not a single pet quality animal the entire day. Each and every class contained
dogs that belonged in the conformation ring. (What great timing for an AKC observer in attendance and about to apply for shepherds; he could not have picked a better show.) This kind of quality entry made judging both challenging and loads of fun, but it also made me wonder where the new exhibitors were. Have we narrowed our entries to those of us who are
diehard GSD lovers, or, is our economy playing a part?

The site was beautiful, by a babbling brook, the weather was sunny and warm, the hospitality was fantastic. From the 12 to 18 month class came a true superstar. Her name is Kurdels Dixie Chick. This gorgeous young bitch with ideal proportions and magnificent side gait went Winner Bitch (and
finished) and Best of Breed over several exquisite Specials. Best Opposite Sex was a dog I had recently judged in Canada (for 5 points), named Ch. Mar Haven's Man in Black. A masculine black with exceptional breed type and superior in
motion. Winners Dog was a medium large black and tan named
Encore-Asgard O'Conner. Again, a very deserving dog that covered the ground with reach, follow-thru and an iron back. I understand he finished the following day. My Best Puppy will be one to watch, Mar Havens Rossi v Mariner. There
were several exciting youngsters which always makes me smile. "Little promises of our future."

Thank you all for your great sportsmanship and for those that didn't win in the ring, I hope you won at the casinos... Helen Franklin, Judge
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