The following is an attempt to improve communication between the judges of our breed, and the people who show under them. 

1.) Are you an active breeder of German Shepherd Dogs? Do you have a kennel name ? 

Becoming active again--Hollamor
2.) How long have you been in the breed? When and how did you get started? Are you affiliated with any clubs? 
Bought first very pet bitch in 1960--started with her in obedience.
3.) How long have you been judging the breed? 
4.) How many times a year do you judge German Shepherds? 
2 to 4 depends on the year.  Sometimes your hot and sometimes your not!
5.) Over the last 2 years has the number of shows? 
 I believe 3 or 4 last year and I'm doing 2  so far this year.
6.) Have you ever judged the National Specialty? If yes, when and what classes ? 
7.) Do you judge at both all-breeds and specialties, which do you prefer ? 

         a) do you judge at both all-breeds and specialties ?  yes
         b) would you judged at both all breeds and specialties
         c) please elaborate on and explain your answers to 7, 7a and 7b.
         d) If you indicated a preference for Specialty assignments, would you consider doing German Shepherd Dogs at an all-breed if you were given a large ring, the entry was supported by a specialty club and the show was on the same weekend as a nearby specialty or specialty circuit ? Please elaborate. Yes I would do a specialty supported all breed show --- if there was a decent ring--but you never are sure about that.  You have to take your chances when you agree to do them. 

8.) Do you have a color preference? 
 -- any of the following as long as the pigment is rich.
  Black and Tan
  Black and Red
  All Black

     a) Would the color of a dog influence your judgment?
         Only if the color was light and washed out--rich pigment is prefered.
     b) Do you find it harder to judge solid blacks ? They are not real easy to jugdge.  From a distance they tend to look somewhat fine in bone.  You really have to look them over carefully. A real good black is very striking. 

9.) What importance do you place on condition of plush versus smooth coat? Please explain. 
With a close coated dog what you see is what they are.  A plush coat is lovely to look at but a judge needs to do a little more hands on to feel what is really under there.
10.) When judging the dog do you also judge the handler? Please elaborate if possible. 
No BUT a poor handling job can ruin an otherwise good dog.
11.) What importance do you place on missing teeth? 
Important and Not Important-Serious unless first premolars.
12.) How do you see bites today? 
Good - Yes
13.) How do you see strength of ears? 
 I really think they are better than 10-15 years ago BUT we are seeing and feeling some very questionable ones.
14.) Do you feel the GSD's temperament has improved over the past 5 years? 
Yes - YES
15.) Do you consider temperament today to be? Please explain. 
 Good - For the most part.  Improved over the last few years.
16.) Do you prefer a dog to be shown on a loose lead? 
Yes - When I ask them to. 
17.) How would you rate the following in sequence of importance? (On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest).
Coming and going   7
Side Gait                9
Temperament       10
Teeth                      8
Coat                         7
Pasterns, hocks, feet   9
Pigment                    9
Structure               10
Shoulder and reach      9
Attitude                    8
18.) Could you briefly describe your ring procedure, and any changes you may incorporate between a small Vs large class 
I have the ring stewrd bring the animals in in catalog order.  I ask for twice  around the ring and then do individuals.  If it is a large class I like to do groups of five.  I then work each group and place them in order per group.   After all groups have been examined I pull the top 3 or 4 from each group and put them "on hold".  Regait and possibly examine the others and pull from that group anyone I feel I might want to see again.  I excuse the remaining dogs and begin the final judging.
19.) Do you think there should be an age limit in placing points on a dog (i.e.dogs and bitches under 12 months of age)? 
No- Sometimes a puppy is the only good animal you have!
20.) If a dog is not exactly to the standard in size, would you prefer slightly larger or smaller? 
 Larger- dog
 Smaller - bitch
21.) Do you think on average German Shepherd Dogs are too extreme? 
Shoulders are sorely lacking for the most part.  High lifting air grabing fronts are all to common.  Most rears are adequate from me again there are always some lacking.
22.) In your opinion should double handling be allowed? 
Yes - YES
23.) Should all select dogs, in your opinion, be OFA (H&E)? 
Of course prefered but I don't feel it should be a rule.
24.) When making the final selection, does the dog with the most front reach usually win the class? 
Not necessarily.  Anyone who knows me knows I love a beautiful shoulder but the over all dog is what we should be looking at.
25.) Do you feel more emphasis should be put on the total package, and less on movement? 
Yes and no.  Usually a dog that has correct movement is a pretty complete dog UNLESS there are faults in temperament, coming and going or teeth etc..
26.) Do you think the German Shepherd Dog standard should be changed? 
No-No.  To what???
27.) Do you think there should be any changes in any of the existing rules concerning dog shows? If so, please elaborate 
28.) Is there a dog, whether alive now or not, who to you typifies most closely the "ideal" German Shepherd Dog ? If yes, please explain and give details 
Yes but I tend to be partial.  In the past there were a number of very good dogs.  We are not seeing that to-day.  The bitch quality is far superior.
29.) Do you feel that in general the quality of the breed in this country is getting better or worse ? Please elaborate 
Better for the most part.  See #28.
30.) Do you have a pet peeve about anything owners or handlers do concerning the showing of dogs ? 
Bringing in a dog with no training and then expecting it to show well.  Everyone is frustrated including the poor dog.
31.) Do you have any suggestions for owners or handlers regarding anything they should ALWAYS do when showing under you ? 
I am always courteous to exhibitors and they had better be the same.  Bad behavior and poor manners in my ring will only hinder your dog's consideration.
I like to have a good time in the ring and enjoy the dogs and the people.  Lots more fun that way!
32.) Do you have any suggestions for owners or handlers regarding anything they should NEVER do when showing under you ? 
See # 31. Plus rough up their dog
33.) Do you have any advice for people who are relatively new to showing and/or breeding? 
Go to shows, meet people and listen to the successful breeder and exhibitors that have been around for many years.  
34.) Is there anything else you would like to say about judging or about the German Shepherd breed today ? If so, please feel free to say it here 
No-I think I have said enough!

35.) Have you ever judged one the of the greats? If so, can you give a rundown of this dog for the people who have not had the privilege to even see it. 

There have been many greats and I lived with one.  I beg off on this question

Editors note: For those who do not know the wonderful GREAT's name, it is GV Ch Hollamor's Judd  ROM

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