If you are having Financial Problems and need assistance, here are some URLS.

NOTE:The Take the Lead Program from the AKC is only for those with TERMINAL or severe Disabling Medical Conditions -

LIHEA (Low Income Housing Energy Assistance ) is a FEDERAL program for heat and electric - each state over sees their own, and you can apply ONLINE in some states and also see your elligibility. Click on then Link Below and then select your state


The following is a list of organizations that provide financial assistance to pet owners in need:

The Pet Fund
United Animal Nations LifeLine Fund
Angels for Animals
Feline Outreach
Cats in Crisis
The Perseus Foundation - Cancer Specific
Canine Cancer Awareness
Pet Financial Aid Organization
Care Credit - This is the most readily available and easiest to obtain of all the financing options. They offer a full range of payment plans with low/no interest for a set period, which depends on the agreement CareCredit has with your veterinarian's office
Good Sam Fund - Good SAM (Special Assistance and Memorial Fund) was established to create financial aid for sick or injured animals who either are stray or client-owned animals in special circumstances. The fund is supported entirely by outside donations and your pet must meet one part of their criteria to be considered for financial assistance
IMOM - IMOM is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 charity that receives all its money used to help animals from outside donations. The organization was founded in 1998 and since then they have raised over $1,000,000 and saved the lives of over 1,470 companion animals. This is for animals facing life threatening emergencies
The Pet Fund - a registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit association that provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need veterinary care. Their mission is to help companion animal owners to avoid the difficult decision to put an animal down or neglect medical needs because of the costs involved.
United Animal Nations - (UAN) is North America's leading provider of emergency animal sheltering and disaster relief services and a key advocate for the critical needs of animals. The LifeLine Grant Program offered by the UAN provides funding to Good Samaritans, animal rescuers, non-profit organizations and pet owners to help them care for animals in life-threatening situations
AAHA - AAHA Helping Pets Fund works with selected veterinary practices to help owners facing financial hardship. If your pet is a patient at an AAHA-affiliated location, your vet can recommend for you to be part of this program, and you may receive assistance from their emergency and non-elective fund programs if you qualify
HELP-A-PET - is a nonprofit which provides financial aid to the following types of pet owners: physically and mentally challenged individuals, senior citizens and children of the working poor. They assist in paying for the medical care of pets for owners are unable to afford the expense
Ashley's Angel Fund - Pet assistance for North Carolina pet owners whose pets are facing a life-threatening condition, and demonstrate an inability to pay for their pet's treatment
NY Save Animals in Veterinary Emergency - Program for New York City pet owners whose pets are facing a life threatening medical emergency. The SAVE program allows owners to take their dog to receive emergency treatment, regardless of ability to pay
The Mosby Foundation - Virginia based pet assistance program to assist in the care of sick, injured, abused, and neglected dogs through financial support and public education.
Brown Dog Foundation, Inc - Assistance for pet owners facing financial crisis for their dog facing a life-threatening, but treatable, condition.


For the millions of Americans needing help every day from locating financial assistance during a family crisis, to finding adequate care for an aging parent, to searching for the highest-quality child care 2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember number connecting them quickly to essential community . Click Here

Food and Basic Needs:

Catholic Charities

Salvation Army

NOTE: In Georgia,they will cover one utility bill/rent/mtg payment for someone facing a crisis. Anyone in need should start calling at 8:30 on April 6 (just hitting redial..the lines will be busy.) They also have 263 agencies in Georgia offering free food every day.

Go to the MAIN SITE BELOW and enter your zip code or Google Salvation Army and Your State for a local website.

Here For Their USA Website

Resources to Help Senior Pet Owners Senior Discounts

Click Here for Senior Discounts

The American Animal Hospital Association

Has a Helping Pets Fund. It provides financial assistance at AAHA accredited veterinarians for emergency and non-elective care for those in financial need.
Here for Link
Here for their Guidlines ($500 limit)

PFIZER DRUG COMPANY - Free Medications for anyone Unemployed starting January 2009

Eligibility requirements of the new program include:

  • Loss of employment since January 1, 2009
  • Prescribed and taking a Pfizer medicine for at least 3 months prior to becoming unemployed and enrolling in the program
  • Lack of prescription drug coverage
  • Can attest to financial hardship

Click Here for details


SafeLink Wireless is a government supported program that provides a free cell phone and airtime each month for income-eligible customers. Click HERE to Learn More. Click HERE for Participating States


The Low Income Program of the Universal Service Fund, which is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), is designed to ensure that quality telecommunications services are available to low-income customers at just, reasonable, and affordable rates. Similar programs have existed since at least 1985. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 reiterated their importance by including the principle that "consumers in all regions of the nation, including low income consumers . . . should have access to telecommunications and information services . . ." THIS IS NOT A CELLULAR SERVICE

Here to read more about each state


Fighting cancer is difficult enough, but living with it is even tougher - and that's where the Cleaning for A Reason Foundation steps in. This newly formed nonprofit offers free professional housecleaning, and maid services to improve the lives of women undergoing treatment for cancer - any type of cancer. Click HERE for more details

BISS Sel Ex. Ch Konigin's Phantom Of The Opera, TC, HIC, ThD MEMORIAL STUD AUCTION

To Contact the Sunshine Squad for More information on how to help a list member or to request help or get donation Instructions
Please click
To Add a Link to our Help Services, Click here

The pictures of the STUDS FROM THE AUCTION are posted here for a specific time (FREE ADVERTISING).

Donations to the Sunshine Squad with Checks/Money Orders made payable to


  1. BIS CH Adelgard's Yancy D von Marquin HT PT RE CD TC CGC BH - WINNERS: Emily StClaire and Sandy Anderson
  2. AM/CAN CH Fonseca's Jimmi Edale OVC H&E WINNER(S):Anita Clouse
  3. Can Sel CH O'Danny Boy of Heinerburg ROM OFA H&E (PI) ROM WINNER(S):Elaine Ross His son is available on the Mother's Day Auction - CH Van Cleves Dashiell Hammett OFA H&E
  4. Multiple BOB and Group Placing CH GretchAnya's Geronimo OFA EXC WINNER(S):Rebecca Little
  5. Candia's Keep It In Vegas WINNER(S):Penny Kroh and Wendy Haddral
  6. BISS CH Geran's All I Want For Christmas, HIC WINNER(S):Evy Wyman
  7. BISS CH Geran's Christmas Miracle, HIC WINNER(S):Kristi Schmidt
  8. Cornerstone's Redford v Darby Dan - 2 bids over $250 WINNER(S): WISHES TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS
  9. Helios von Hirsman IPO 3 AD 'a' normal h/e OFA h/e/c WINNER(S):Kerri Chaplin and Morgan
  10. AKC/UKC/Int/Nat CH Grey Pines' Krusher HT, TC, CACIB, OFA(H+E), DNA WINNER(S):Shelley Ford
  11. BISS AM. Champion Sarava's Valor v Von Charisma OFA TC WINNER(S):Kerri Chaplin
  12. CH PAM DeBrut's the Shadow Knows WINNER(S): Anja Heibloem-Stroud and Carrie Smith
  13. RBOM CH DCT-TebeNobe Me and Bobby McGee, TC WINNER(S): Michael Goodwin
  14. Sel Ex Am CH Signature's Cooper V Knaufhill OFA Excellent WINNER(S): Elaine Ross
  15. CH Pointed Geran's Down To My Last Dollar WINNER(S): Evy Wyman
  16. BISS AmCan Ch BrownHill-Kysarah's Leonardo OFA H&E WINNER(S): Elaine Ross
  17. RMM CH Shep-Haven's Switch Hitter Multi  BOB and Group placer "Jag" OFA Prelimed WINNER(S): Evy Wyman and Alice Lips
  18. Int'l CH Asgard Harley Davidson v. Plamark, HT, HIC, TC, OFA (H&E), DNA-Tested Free of Long-Coat Factor WINNER(S): Rebecca Little
  19. BPINSS Multi Group winning CH Hellwigg's Fighting Borukai TEC OVC H&E WINNER(S): Sylvia Clark and Morgan
  20. BIM Sel CH Greenwood's Achilles TC OFA WINNER(S): Steve Whitworth and Chris Burke
  21. RBIM Amer Champion Lorien's Lights Out OFA H/E Excellent,TC,TDinc,HSAs, HT,PT WINNER(S): Morgan Lewis
  22. CH Bodan's Place Your Bets Gpines OFA H&E WINNER(S): Tracy Jones
  23. T-Ho's Bee Careful What You Wish For WINNER(S):Nancy Webb
  24. Am Ch. Shep-Haven's Out OF The Park, OFA DNA WINNER(S):TO BE ANNOUNCED
  25. CH Victory's Leviathan - Major Specialty Finished & GROUP WINNER WINNER(S): Sue Lapinski
  26. Victory's Gotta Wear Shades WINNER(S): Pamela Bennett
  27. Sanbob's Hot Tamale of Witmer, prelimed WINNER(S): Connie Malo
  28. CH T-Ho's Armegeddon WINNER(S): Evy Wyman
  29. CH Liebchen's Do The Hustle, OFA WINNER(S): Alicia Lips
  30. CH Von Hamm Bedkar I Know Nothing (Schultz) WINNER(S): Wendy Haddrall and Elaine Ross
  31. Melana's Mojito (10 pts/both majors).  OFA Prelim #1323984 Good H/E WINNER(S): Heather Miller
  32. 2007 AFV CH Melana's Orion TC OFA Good H/E/T/C & CERF (CHIC# 54267) WINNER(S): Todd Cosper
  33. CH Von Charisma's Veroni v Sarava OFA TC WINNER(S): Tracy Jones
  34. CH Ken  Delaine's Buddie v Fan-Jo WINNER(S): Shelly Ford


  1. Jovon's 2 Legit 2 Quit V Lealynn OFA Prelim H&E (will honor the 2 highest bids)
  2. Woodside Jubilate Eye of the Tyger OFA H/E/C/CERF
  3. UKC CH Oak Ridge Tanzanite 'N' Topaz (will honor the 2 highest bids)
  4. CH Pointed Geran's Quality In Motion
  5. CH Pointed Geran's Big Red Dog
  6. 22X BISS 2XSel EX Am Ch, Can Ch Cross Timbers Cargogh Clihu, OFA, TC, HIT
  7. Ch Joelle's Leonardo Windward (GSDCA Health Merit Award)
  8. Foxtrot's Wunderbar of Delray (12 points) (will honor the 2 highest bids)
  9. CH Wayside Shud Of Bin A Cowboy OFA Excellent (will honor the 2 highest bids)
  10. Multiple Group placing Can. Ch. Abbaway Shephaven Time to Fly, OFA (ROMC ptd) (will honor the 3 highest bids) WINNER(S):Donna Beadle
  11. CH Pointed Aftica's Sharpshooter v WWK, OFA, DNA Clear of Long Coat (will honor the 3 highest bids) WINNER(S): Danica Mistele
  12. Bleibtreu's Ransom of Coda, CGC (XRayed, hips)
  13. Flash Drive V Animus (12 months old)
  14. INT CH Fritz Holzbach "a" AD, TC CACIB OFA H/E (will honor the 2 highest bids)
  15. Kismet's Law and Order, OFA H/E WINNER(S):Maria Fabrik
  16. CH Appleridge's Texas Tornado CGN TT HIC
  17. CH Ranita's Never Ending Story,DNA HIT (will honor the 2 highest bids)
  18. Int CH Olif z Lintichu AD BH SVV1 "a" TC CGC
  19. Int CH Candia's Ain't No John Doe TC OFA good, elbows normal,CERF
  20. CH Ranita's Captain Morgan,OFA, DNA, HI (will honor the 2 highest bids)
  21. T-Ho's Marlyn Beeginning of The End
  22. NW BOSF Jovon's Barbaro Padala Lealynn prelim H/E
  23. VonMartin's Western Justice OFA H/E
  24. Sel Ex CH Tindrock's Fire Storm at NIMH 
  25. UKC CH Sater-Nordlicht Time For Action, OFA Heart Normal, AKC Pointed
  26. Signature's Frazier v Kaleef TC HIC
  27. Can BIM CH Aftica Ken-Delaine's The Gangster (will honor the 2 bids over $250) WINNER(S): Jill Lukasik
  28. Darby-Dan's Jaguar OFA H/E/C/CERF (will honor the 2 highest bids)
  29. CH Melana's Murphy's Law OFA H/E (will honor the 3 highest bids) WINNER(S):Rebecca Little
  30. Avion Armstrong, OFA H/E Maj. Ptd
  31. AKC/UKC/Int/Nat CH Grey Pines' Krusher HT, TC, CACIB, OFA(H+E), DNA, CHIC, Thyroid and Cardiac (will honor the 3 highest bids) WINNER(S): Morgan Lewis, Whiendy Parry,Maria Fabrik
  32. Ch Hellwigg's Wish Maste HIC OVC Pancreatic function - normal,  Thyroid function
  33. CH Van Cleves Dashiell Hammett OFA H&E
  34. AM/CAN CH Fonseca's Jimmi Edale OVC H&E
  35. Sanbob's Hot Tamale of Witmer, prelimed WINNER(S):Anonymous
  36. Riverstone's Complete Chaos OVC H/E (CAPPO) WINNER(S):Melissa

Showgsd-l is dedicated to Breed Rescue, Education, and Communication
Showgsd-l is owned and operated by GSD COMMUNICATION, INC
a non-profit corporation

Links to GSDCA and GSDCC Membership applications are Provided

The Sunshine Squad is a "pay it forward" organization (that means should you become solvent you are supposed to payback part or all that was paid on your behalf); all payments made are considered one time grants and while we do not EXPECT repayment, when and if you are able, it would certainly be most appreciated. In this way, we can continue the cycle of assistance for those most needy. Please consider volunteering at your local soup kitchen, animal shelter, or other outreach program. The need is enormous nationwide and your presence; your voice may make the difference between life and death for an animal or person in need. LHSH is always on the search for volunteers to network, send "meet and greet" letters via the internet, make telephone calls for home checks for rescues, etc. We would be most appreciative of the help. The members of Last Hope, Safe Haven Inc., will be working closely with "The Sunshine Squad" in this new endeavor, but as Advisors Only and not Voting Members of the Committee.

Voting Members of the Committee:

Luanne Crinklaw
Stormy Hope
Pat Evans
Morgan Lewis
Linda Butler

Advisors: Dawn Restica, Pat Luckos and Dr Zoe Backman

All donations will be used to help GSD owners who can prove their need.

Above all, privacy will be
STRICTLY maintained. NO information given to "The Sunshine Squad" by an applicant with regard to said applicant's financial situation will be released to the public.

Our Assistance can range from helping you to renegotiate your mortgage, getting help elsewhere, and in one time grants. Grant size is limited as our funds are limited and wish to help as many as possible. We assist people in the USA and Canada who own GSDs. Sorry, we cannot pay cell phone Bills.

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