How Long Does it Takes for a Dog to Give Birth, What are the Risks?

How Long Does it Takes for a Dog to Give Birth, What are the Risks?

Dogs and people share many things in common. They both liked the same foods, felt some of the same emotions, and were social creatures. Dogs are different than people when it comes to pregnancy, though, because dogs carry their babies inside them until they give birth.

We are alike with dogs. We both like the same foods, and we can feel happy. Dogs are different than people because they can have puppies and people cannot.

Dogs usually have more than one puppy in their litter at a time. And they don’t stay pregnant for as long as human mothers do.

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

If your female dog is spayed, you will not have to worry about her being pregnant or giving birth. If she has not been spayed, or if you are curious, you might want to learn more about pregnancy in dogs.

This article will tell you about dog pregnancy. You will learn how to take care of pregnant dogs and how to prepare for the pregnancy.

The average dog pregnancy is about nine weeks. It can be divided into three stages that correspond to the three months of a human pregnancy.

One Month Pregnant

The male’s sperm go to the woman’s uterus. They stay there for 16 days. Then, on day 22, they turn into fetuses.

Pregnant dogs don’t show any significant signs during the first weeks of pregnancy. During the fourth week, they might have morning sickness symptoms, vaginal discharge, and a loss of appetite.

Two Months Pregnant

In the second month of pregnancy, the fetuses grow quickly. The puppies will have skeletons and claws by day 45-50. After a few days, the pregnant female will start to look for a place to give birth.

In this month, you will notice your puppy showing signs of pregnancy like:

Your appetite will be higher; you’ll gain weight. You’ll urinate more often. Your belly will be swollen. You might have vaginal discharge and changes in your behavior like being more affectionate or withdrawing from contact with others.

Three Month Pregnant

The puppies in the mother’s belly are almost entirely developed by day 58. They will start to move into a birthing position in the final days of pregnancy. The mother will become restless and lose her appetite. There is a drop in body temperature before labor begins.

It’s a good idea to get a box for the dog to have her puppies in. Put blankets and other soft things inside of it.

Once the dog is in labor, she will refuse to eat, vomit, have clear vaginal discharge, and give birth. Sometimes labor is for a few hours or up to 24 hours. Labor should not last longer than two days. Puppies will come out one at a time, every half hour or so.

Your Dog’s Heat Cycle During Pregnancy

Before a dog gets pregnant, it will experience a heat cycle. This is a stage in which female dogs become receptive to mating. It’s important to know about this stage of the dog’s reproductive behavior.

The heat cycle lasts 18 to 21 days. Female dogs who still have their womb and ovaries will go into heat about every six months, but this can vary. The cycle is broken up into four stages:

Proestrus: This is the first stage of a dog’s heat cycle and lasts about nine days. Females will attract males during this stage, but they will deny the advances. During this period, the vulva swells, and some bloody vaginal discharge might appear.

Estrus: The vulva becomes larger, and the color of the discharge will likely change – it may become lighter or even stop. Females are most fertile during this stage.

Diestrus: The female ferret, will not let the male come near her when she is in heat. All swelling and discharge will stop, and the cycle is over.

Anestrus: refers to the period after one heat cycle ends and the next one begins. This lasts about six months, in most cases.

A female dog will get her heat cycle every few months. But she can’t get pregnant unless she mates with a male dog.

Signs That Your Dog Is Pregnant

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a dog is pregnant. Dogs might gain weight, but that isn’t always common. However, as time passes, your dog will be more obvious they are pregnant.

Dogs can tell if they are pregnant. They may have a belly or may eat more.

What Should You Feed Your Pregnant Dog?

Your pregnant dog needs good food. Often, what we feed our dogs is not enough. This is especially true when your dog has a baby inside her and needs to eat for more than herself. Many of the kibbles that we buy are filled with artificial flavors, low-quality proteins, and not enough fiber.

Wild Earth is a food that we made for dogs. It has protein, folate, and folic acid (essential vitamins for pregnant dogs). It’s packed in vitamin D and calcium, which promote and strengthen bones. Wild Earth is also a food that contains enough fiber to be complete nutrition.

Our food is full of beta-glucans, a robust digestive fiber that helps to eliminate disease and boost immunity, especially when your dog needs it most. It also has superfoods, such as chickpeas, oats, sweet potato, and blueberries.

Signs of Early Pregnancy in Dogs

It’s very easy to notice signs of pregnancy. You will first notice swollen, red nipples. This happens because your dog’s body is preparing to make milk for the puppies she is going to give birth to. Your dog also has swollen, red nipples during her heat cycle.

The Next Signs of Pregnancy

You might begin to see signs of pregnancy around the third or fourth week. These include feeling tired and not hungry and maybe feeling sick. This is like what we call morning sickness when pregnant with a human baby.

The Final Signs of Pregnancy

At this point, you might have noticed something with your dog. The symptoms of pregnancy can look like other medical problems, so it is best to have your dog examined by a veterinarian.

Around day 28 of your dog’s pregnancy, your vet can feel the puppies by prodding their belly. The number of puppies will also be able to be determined with x-ray scans or blood tests.

Pregnancy can be hard if you haven’t had a dog before. Keeping the new puppies warm during the first few weeks is essential. You should also monitor your dog’s temperature during pregnancy. The litter size will depend on the breed and size of their belly.

How Many Months Is A Dog Pregnant For?

The average pregnancy for a dog lasts about 60 days. Sometimes it is less, but usually, it is two months. The exact number of days can depend on the mother’s health, the breed of the dog, and other factors.

Will Dogs Get Pregnant After The First Time Mating?

It is possible that your dog can get pregnant after just mating one time. Female dogs have a chance of getting pregnant up to 40% the first time they mate. This number is different than for other animals, so it is essential to know this before you start breeding your dog or when you are planning on it.

Prepare Your Dog for Motherhood

Dogs can be pregnant for about two to three months. Dogs might not know they’re pregnant at the beginning of their pregnancy, but as time goes on, they’ll feel different, and it will be easier to tell.

Talk with your local vet as soon as you notice that your dog might be pregnant. Your vet can help keep the dog and her litter healthy. Your vet can also tell you when the baby is due and how many are in the litter.

Your dog needs to be ready when she has her puppies. Proper care before and after will make it easier for the mommy dog to have healthy, beautiful puppies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Are Dogs in Labor?

Once the gestation period is over, labor begins. There are three stages of labor.

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

Normal gestation in dogs is about 63 days from when the mother dog is pregnant. This can vary by a few days.

How to Tell if a Dog Is Pregnant?

Some people are able to tell right after they have sex if they are pregnant.