White German Shepherd : A Long-Haired Breed with a Story

White German Shepherd : A Long-Haired Breed with a Story

White German Shepherds come from Germany. They usually have white, silky coats. Some also have black spots on their ears. These dogs are very intelligent, and they live up to 12 years old usually. These dogs are the perfect dog for someone who is looking for a loyal companion who will love them unconditionally!

White German Shepherds are purebred. They were first bred years ago in Germany. White coats are easy to see, so people like them. They are not pets. They are farm dogs. They smell good; they are smart, they work hard, they are strong and brave. Farm dogs were working animals that protected the sheep from predators like coyotes.

The German Shepherd became popular before 1900 and is now in other countries too. It is said that white-coated German Shepherds were bred by the Queen of Hapsburg, Alsace-Lorraine, Austria.

The first world war started, and soldiers brought German Shepherds home. Soldiers liked them. Later, Nazis didn’t like white coats, so they made it so that they couldn’t be bred anymore because they thought all colors would be ruined. A few white dogs managed to survive the Nazis and WWII. These dogs had descendants, and they were able to trace their lineage back to white-coated GSDs from the early 1900s.

Are White German Shepherds Albino?

Many myths exist about white German Shepherds. These myths are not true. White German Shepherds have black noses, pigments around their mouth, black paw pads, and brown eyes. The white gene is recessive and only determines the color of the coat.

Albino dogs are very rare. The mutation causes them to have no pigmentation. Most albino dogs will have skin that looks pinkish around their eyes, giving the appearance of pink eyes when their eyes would usually be blue. You can also easily spot the dog’s nose, which is also pink.

What Causes a White German Shepherd?

German shepherds with pure white coats have always been in litters. But now we know they are not albinos. What is the cause of their beautiful white coat?

A recessive gene is the cause of a white German Shepherd. A recessive gene is when two genes that are different meet and create something new. It changes what color the dog will be. The recessive gene is not related to health or temperament, just color. It is hard to predict what color or pattern a white German Shepherd Dog would throw when bred with another dog. Some dogs have a gene that hides their color. If they have two copies of that gene, then the color is hidden.

There is a 50% chance that the pups from a colored dog will be white or colored. To get all white pups, two GSDs that are both white should be bred together.

Are White German Shepherds Rare?

Nazi Germany discriminated against white German Shepherds. Breeders who did not live in Nazi Germany also thought white German Shepherds were inferior and had a genetic problem. White German Shepherds are rare in the world today.

White German Shepherds are rarer than the other colored ones. But they are not too rare. If two of the parents have the recessive white gene, a small percentage of their puppies can be white. However, it is difficult to find the right parents who both have this gene in them – it might take a long time.

Are White German Shepherds Recognized By the AKC?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has a registry for purebred dogs. It recognizes white German Shepherds, but they cannot be in the show ring. White German Shepherds can do other things like herding, tracking, and obedience instead of conformation shows. Please do not show white German Shepherds in shows. They are not allowed to do this because they are not considered beautiful colors. You can, however, show them in the UK Kennel Club.

Scientific advancements proved that the white recessive gene does not cause albinism. Scientists also proved the White German Shepherd was not accountable for any other health issues or turning colored dogs pale. In the late 20th century, supporters of this breed began to form their breed clubs and registries. This led to the United Kennel Club recognizing the White Shepherd as a separate breed in 1999. They said that it was like a direct offspring of the German Shepherd Dog.

So, in theory, the white German Shepherd and the White Shepherd are two different breeds of dog. They are recognized by different organizations and have separate breed standards.

The American Kennel Club recognizes the White German Shepherd. The United Kennel Club recognizes it too.

In North America, people think that the purebred white German Shepherd should be considered a different breed from the White Shepherd. The White German Shepherd Club of America doesn’t support this idea. They believe that the white German Shepherd should stay part of the German Shepherd Dog breed.

Do White German Shepherd Puppies Change Color?

The white German Shepherd is not different from any other kind of German Shepherd. They might change color in the future, but they are the same for now. White German Shepherd puppies will always be white. They don’t change colors as colored puppies do. Puppies are born with black fur, and then their colors gradually change over the next two years of their lives. If black German Shepherds have a recessive gene, they will remain all black.

What Do White German Shepherds Look Like?

The White German Shepherd is truly a fascinating-looking dog, and often heads will turn to look at its gorgeous coat and features. The White German Shepherd is the same as other kinds of GSDs, except it is all-white. They are medium-large sized, with an athletic build. The GSD has a double coat; they have a low set bushy tail. This dog has erect ears with a noble head and long muzzle.

When a German Shepherd is full-grown, they are about 24-26 inches tall. Males are usually taller than females. But always remember that each dog is different and can be any height. Females are very tall and weigh 88lbs (40kg). The white German Shepherd has fur that is either medium or long. The breed’s undercoat is thick, and the outer coat lies close to the body.

Are White German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

A White German Shepherd is a good family dog. They’re good with children, other dogs, and even cats if they are introduced at a young age and trained properly.

Both the American Kennel Club and the UK breed standard do not recognize any contrasting traits. The white German Shepherd is a good family dog, but they are high-energy. You need to have plenty of time and energy to socialize, exercise, and train them. But they are excellent with children and other pets if raised with them. The breed is happy to please its owners and enjoys having a job. That makes it easy to train. Basic training should begin when you first bring the pup into your house, which means when it is eight weeks old.

German Shepherds can be over-sensitive. This is because they love and want to protect their family. They might get separation anxiety if you leave them alone for a long time.

White German Shepherds need to get exercise. When they don’t, they might get into trouble. They should get at least two hours of exercise every day, like walking or running. The exercises should include things like hiking and fetching.

Mental stimulation is also important. This can include playing games and having interactive toys. For example, you could get this Dog Brick Interactive Treat Puzzle toy from Amazon for your dog. It has thousands of positive reviews and will keep your doggo entertained for hours.

German Shepherds can be mean if they are not taken care of. They will chew things up, bite, scratch, dig and whine. They do not like to live outside or in a small place. But if they are taken care of inside a house with a yard, it is better for them.

I am often asked if German Shepherds are good for a first-time dog owner. I would say that Willow is my first dog, and she is great. I don’t want to change her.

Are White German Shepherds Protective?

Due to their versatility, German Shepherds are often used in the police, military, search and rescue, and service or therapy dogs. They can be brave and loyal. When they are faced with strangers, they might react differently depending on how early they were socialized. But if you train them well, they can make good guard dogs.

The GSD dog was bred to herd and protect livestock. When someone is in trouble, they will go out of their way to help them. I think that they will do this even if it means risking their lives.

Are the White German Shepherds Aggressive?

There are myths about GSDs, no matter what color they are. These myths often come from fear, culture, or the dogs’ training. This might make you wonder if white GSDs are aggressive and if you want to pursue taking care of one.

White German Shepherds won’t be aggressive if they are socialized and trained. If they’re provoked, they can become aggressive. They are large, athletic dogs often used as guard dogs or in the military because of their brilliance and protective nature.

This dog can be trained to be alert and aggressive towards strangers or specific people. But a well-raised and socialized white German Shepherd has no reason to become aggressive. A white German Shepherd that has been raised in the right way will not be aggressive.

What is the deal?

As long as you socialize your pup and teach him to trust people and other dogs, he will be able to react calmly and confidently to most situations. If you adopt an older dog or one that is not yet trained, white German Shepherds are very smart and can be taught anything with patience.

White German Shepherd Cost

As with other purebred, the prices of a White German Shepherd vary.

On average, a White German Shepherd costs $1740. I researched prices from 5 of them and found this. Prices vary depending on where the dog is, what the breeder’s reputation is, how many dogs are in the litter, and more.


White German Shepherds are a healthy type of dog, just as other color-coated dogs can be as well. Like any other purebred dog, white German Shepherds may have an inherited health problem.

  • Hip dysplasia is a very common health issue in German Shepherds. All puppies are born healthy, but sometimes they have inherited the problem from their parents. Hip dysplasia can affect any dog at any age, but it is most commonly seen in older dogs. When choosing a puppy, make sure that its parents have been hip
  • Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is a progressive, incurable spinal cord disease that causes limb loss and impairment of sensation. The illness, which affects GSDs more frequently than other breeds, prevents them from acting or functioning normally, putting their health at risk. DNA analysis may help eliminate this condition from the gene pool.

Do White German Shepherds Go Deaf?

White German Shepherds don’t go deaf. They have a recessive gene that does not affect their hearing. The confusion lies with the piebald gene, which can cause hearing loss in some breeds, such as Dalmations. A new study says that dogs with the piebald gene are more likely to have hearing loss. The cells in their hair and skin also work in the ear, so that is why they are white. These cells are missing when they have the piebald or merle gene, which is why it leads to hearing loss. White German Shepherds have a different gene. This means that their ears are not affected, and they also have good hearing.

White German Shepherds are Hypoallergenic?

The white German Shepherd is like the colored one, but it has more hair. You can get long or short hair. Allergy sufferers might want to know if they are hypoallergenic, but they are not. They will shed lots of dander all year round and lots more during seasons like spring and fall, too. German Shepherds need care. Take care of them; they are your friend. They shed, but it is easier to see the white hair on furniture and floors if you brush them often.

The rarer longer-haired white German Shepherd needs more grooming. They need to be groomed a lot and often around their ears.

I recommend the FURminator Undercoat De-Shedding Tool from Amazon. I use it on my GSD because it does an excellent job of safely getting the undercoat through the topcoat. I have tried many other cheaper tools, but none are as good as this one. German Shepherds should only be bathed two or three times a year. They need to stay healthy, so you should not overdo it with the baths.

White GSDs need more baths. Hopefully, your dog will not roll in fox poop! Excessive washing can cause skin dryness, which makes skin itchy. Always use a dog shampoo that moisturizes the skin and coat to prevent this.

How Long Do White German Shepherds Live?

When choosing a pet, you will want to know how long it will live. On average, white German Shepherds live between 9-13 years old. They can die when they are younger or older than this number. Many factors influence living age, such as the original health of the parents and their diet and nutrition. Select a good breeder who will make sure that the parents of your white German Shepherd are healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Long-Haired White German Shepherd

Is the White German Shepherd a separate breed from the standard German Shepherd?

A recessive gene that makes this breed white has always been in the original genetic structure of the German Shepherd – White German Shepherds are descended from German Shepherds.

What makes the White German Shepherd white?

The dominant black gene blocks the dog’s actual color and pattern and makes it look white.

Can a White German Shepherd produce standard colored offspring?

The answer is yes. It is impossible to get 100% solid white offspring from two White German Shepherds. If a White German Shepherd has a colored dog mate, they will have colored puppies. The proportion of colors depends on whether the other dog also carries the recessive white gene.

Does the White German Shepherd have genetic disorders?

The answer is NO! The German Shepherd was not made for service. That’s what the founder of the German Shepherd said himself. He wrote this in his book The German Shepherd Dog in Word and Picture.