German Shepherds with the Curls Cut Off: Learning About Short-Haired German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherds with the Curls Cut Off: Learning About Short-Haired German Shepherd Dogs

German shepherd dogs are a popular breed of dog. They’ve been around for ages, and several countries, including Germany, have bred them. One interesting variation of the traditional German shepherd is the short-haired version. These can be found in both show quality and pet quality varieties. Still, some critical differences between them should be considered before purchase. This blog post will tackle those differences and care for a short-haired German shepherd dog.

People have different opinions about German shepherd fur. Some people like long fur; others prefer short hair. The breed standard says that the ideal German shepherd has a medium-length coat.

What Is a Short-Haired German Shepherd?

A short-haired German shepherd is a type of dog. They are called that because their hair is short, and they are sometimes just called “short-hair dogs.” The GSD sometimes has short hair.

German shepherds can be short-coated (typical) or long-haired. Their genes determine the type of coat. If one gene is dominant, the dog will have short hair; if the other is recessive, it will have long hair.

Some dogs are called “plush” when they do not have enough fur to be considered long-coated. The coat can’t be too short or too long.

What are the Differences Between a Short- and Long-Haired German Shepherd?

German shepherds have coats that are either short or long. The short coat may be a little longer around the neck and behind the legs.

A long-haired German Shepherd can have hair that hangs down. The hair might be wavy or wooly. There is a difference in this dog’s undercoat, which we will discuss later.

The two types of shepherds are different. German shepherds have medium-length fur and maybe a little longer on the neck and back legs.

A long-haired German Shepherd’s hair may hang from the body and be wavy or wooly. The undercoat may also be different.

Are There Any Personality or Health Difference Between Short- and Long-Haired GSDs?

Many people like to argue about whether there are differences between the breeds of dogs. Some think Chihuahuas and Labs can be different sizes and colors, but others say they are the same. Let’s find out!

Personality Differences

Generally speaking, appearance does not tell about who someone is. A German Shepherd is a large dog that loves to be around humans. Like any other dog, it wants to play with you and try new things.

Some say that long-coated German shepherds are better family dogs than typical shepherds. This is not proven or agreed upon by the whole shepherd community.

Different dogs are different in personality because of how they were raised. Dogs from lines that work are usually more active and have a strong drive, while dogs from lines that only show are generally quieter.

Health Differences

The short-coated and long-coated shepherds have few health differences.

The coat length can affect a dog’s health. For example, the long-coated variety may more likely develop hot spots in wet weather. And sometimes, long-coated shepherds are more susceptible to hypothermia because they lack an insulating undercoat.

Are Short-Haired GSDs Allowed to Be Registered or Compete?

German shepherds can be either short or long-haired. But long-haired German shepherds are not in the breed standard because they have a long coat, which is considered a fault. They cannot compete in a show ring.

Are Short-Haired GSDs Rare?

No, there are not rare. A lot of German shepherds have short hair. This is because the gene that makes a long coat is recessive, and the one for a short coat is dominant. If something has a dominant trait, many people have it.

Since these dogs do not meet the breed standard, they are not often bred. Breeders who want to sell these puppies on pet-only contracts try to avoid breeding them.

But some people want to do something different. They want to have long-haired dogs with long coats. This is because they are rare so some people will pay more money for them. But be careful; these are not always better than other dogs.

Do All GSDs have Double Coats?

German Shepherds need a thick and short undercoat and a long outer coat. The outer coat should be close to the body and not fluffy.

Long-haired German Shepherds may need an undercoat. They need to be warm in colder climates.

Does a Short-Haired GSD Shed More than a Long-Haired GSD?


Short-haired shepherds shed more than other dogs. They require more brushing to remove the loose undercoat. The same is true for long-haired GSDs with an undercoat.

How to Groom a Short-Haired GSD: What You Need to Know

The German shepherd dog has a lot of hair. The hair will fall out during the week. Brush the dog weekly to make him look good and eliminate tumbleweeds at home. Brushing should be done more often when the seasons change.

You should brush your dog’s teeth and nails. The nails can be dangerous if they get too long, and someone might get hurt. Nails can make walking hard for a dog. You can do it yourself, but you can also go to the vet or get your pet groomed to do it for you.

Bathing should only be done as necessary to keep your GSD coat from drying. Brushing his teeth, regularly cleaning his ears, and a good flea prevention program are all essential to keeping him in top shape.

Do Short-Haired GSDs Make Good Pets?

German shepherds can make good pets. They come in many sizes and breeds.

As with any dog, the German shepherd makes a good friend. But he needs the right family, or he can be demanding. Make sure to find the right home for him.

The GSD is a working dog. He needs to do things like jog or hiking with his family because he wants to be busy. If you love jogging, this is the dog you want to get because he will go with you and ensure you are not lonely while jogging.

He is not a good dog for less active owners. He might be too much to handle. He is also not a good dog for apartment life because he needs space to run around.

The dog has a high level of intelligence and a strong desire to please. He will do well with training but can get impatient if you repeat the same activity too many times in a row. The best way to train him is with rewards. You should start this early to be good at activities like obedience, agility, and Schutzhund.

You might want to be social with people and animals. That will make you a good friend. Poorly socialized dogs can be dangerous, so watch out for that.

Shepherds are Velcro dogs who like to stay with their families. Separation anxiety can happen when they are left alone for a long time. You can hire someone to take your dog on walks or drop him off at doggy daycare to fix this.

Frequently Asked Questions About Short-Haired German Shepherd

How Fast Can a German Shepherd Run?

German Shepherds can run at a speed of 30 mph. They can also run for an hour or more. If you see one, remember that they might be startled and take off running if they are distracted. Ensure they know how to come back on command before letting them roam freely.

What Is a Short-Haired German Shepherd?

A short-haired German shepherd is a type of German shepherd. They are sometimes called “short-haired” because their coat is shorter than other breed types.

Do All GSDs have Double Coats?

A German Shepard has two coats that need to be groomed. The outer coat should be straight and close to the body. The undercoat should be shorter and thick, covering the whole body.

Does a Short-Haired GSD Shed More than a Long-Haired GSD?

Many short-haired shepherds shed more than other dogs because they have an undercoat. During the shedding season, they must be brushed. During shedding season, long-haired shepherds with an undercoat must also be groomed.

Do Short-Haired GSDs Make Good Pets?

German Shepherds are good dogs to have as pets. They can be adorable pets. They should be matched with the right family because they are big and sometimes demanding dogs.