What to Do When Your Dog Sprains a Leg

What to Do When Your Dog Sprains a Leg

Dogs have muscles that let them move and play. Strains and sprains can also injure them. A sprain is when the muscle is too tight or too loose. If you find this, you should know what to do next.

What Are the Causes of a Dog Spraining a Leg?

A strain is an injury to the body. This usually happens during physical activity, like running, jumping, or hiking. Sometimes it can happen when you trip or fall. Sprains are also injuries to the body. They often occur when people play sports, and their leg muscles don’t work right anymore because they’re hurt.

Muscle Strain vs. Ligament Sprains

Strains and sprains are injuries that affect the muscle or tendons in the body. A strain occurs when a force tears or becomes damaged. On the other hand, a sprain occurs when a bone is injured. The most common strains for dogs are in the hip or thigh, but the most common sprains are in the wrist or knee.

Why Is It So Crucial To Keep an Eye on Your Dog for Sprains and Strains?

Those who own a dog should look for sprains and strains. These can lead to problems like chronic pain. This pain can also cause bone degeneration and muscle weakness. Sometimes, a dog can injure their other leg by trying to help. This can make the dog not want to move.

A Dog’s Sprained Leg: What to Look for and What to Do If You Find It

A dog may appear more damaged than they are, or it may not react. It is difficult to determine whether the injury is severe enough. Dogs respond differently to injuries, depending on how bad the injury was.

When a dog has a sprained leg, it will limp or go slower. They do that because it is painful for them. When the dog jumps, screams, or runs, it may hurt its muscles.

Other signs include: 

A swollen paw, redness or a swollen joint, aversion to walking or playing, and irritation with other dogs or people are all signs of a swollen paw. You may cry out occasionally when walking, and the damaged area may be sensitive to the touch.

When Should You Contact Your Vet?

It can be frightening to notice your dog hobbling. However, there’s no reason to be concerned. Minor sprains heal on their own, and a dog may begin limping immediately if they believe they are hurt, even if they are not. This is like how people react when they hit their funny bones.

A dog may appear more damaged than it is or may not react at all. It’s difficult to know if the injury is severe enough. Call the vet immediately if they are in severe pain or if it looks like they may have broken a bone.

How to Treat a Dog’s Sprained Leg

Your vet might be able to help your pet. They will assess the injury and tell you what to do. The vet might recommend:

  • Take pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medications if you have a torn ligament or tendon. Ice the area to reduce swelling. Rest in bed. You can get massage therapy for your injury. A brace or cast may be helpful too. You need physical therapy for this injury, but it will help you heal quickly!
  • If you think your dog hurt its leg, make sure it can’t walk around. Put it on a towel or something.
  • When you are outside with your dog, ensure they’re on a leash. It is best not to let the dog run around while out. You should ensure your pet does not get injured or overexerted while playing.

Preventing Sprains and Strains for Your Dog

If you are a dog owner, here is what you need to know:

  • You can keep them healthy with some caution and the right food. When they are active, make sure they drink water.
  • Never let your dog go too fast when they start a new activity, such as running or dock diving. You should ramp up to and ease into this kind of activity. Feed your dog food high in nutrients and help them maintain good joint health. Healthy treats like tendon chews, collagen sticks, and bully sticks can help dogs recover from joint problems and stay healthy.
  • If you want your dog to stay active, walk them. It helps their joints and makes sure they are in good shape. If another dog is being very rough with yours, inform the owner to put a stop to it right away. Tell the owner of the other dog to stop playing rough with yours.

Don’t Let a Leg Injury Put a Strain On Your Dog’s Happiness

Dogs have four legs. They may be stronger than us, but that doesn’t mean they need help. Keep your dog feeling their best by giving them treats that taste good and ensuring they’re healthy. If your dog’s leg gets hurt, let it rest and recover according to a vet’s advice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sprained Dog Leg

What Causes Muscle Strains?

Puppies want to play with the big dogs, but when they try to play, their little body may be unable to do it. If they try too hard and overexert themselves, it could cause pain or hurt their muscles.

How Long Does It Take a Dog’s Sprained Leg To Heal?

Dogs can have more severe injuries than just a strain on their leg. But most dogs will recover from a sprain of their leg. The only challenge is that they are active and must take it easy for six weeks.

Should I Wrap My Dog’s Sprained Leg?

Put a warm wet towel on your dog’s leg for 10-15 minutes. Wait at least 1 hour before doing the treatment again. The heat will help improve blood flow, relax muscles, and decrease pain. You should monitor your dog for 48 hours after a sprain.